All sales processes are fundamentally the same.

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This is your Pathway to Better Business. Our training is built for professionals running at full speed by keeping learning simple, fast and powerful. LiquidSMARTS coaching & resources are uniquely all about you, providing what you need, when you need it, to accelerate sales & marketing performance, starting NOW.

At LiquidSMARTS we team up with you to make the essential investment in your most important asset….YOU. Now you can significantly and consistently outperform your peers & maximize your impact on the bottom line.

LiquidSMARTSsm Membership maximizes your ROI with:
● Assessment Based Learning (Personalized Curriculums)
● Micro-Learning modules ( 3-5 minute targeted training)
● Monthly coaching (Reinforcing your development)

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You must be looking to improve your sales style, or you wouldn’t have landed here. And you’re likely tired of the traditional linear learning approach.

Timing is everything, so you want to optimize every second and every opportunity—especially that of your clients.

There are few individuals I recommend with more zeal than Gunter. He knows healthcare reform like no one I've seen and he knows how to explain it in language anyone can understand.

Joe Hage

Hire Dr. Wessels. And if you missed that, I say again, hire Dr. Wessels. I'm telling you, one phone call later, you'll know what I'm talking about.

VP, National Sales Medical Device Manufacturer

Priceless education and information from these folks!

Head, Marketing & SalesHealthcare Systems Provider

While there are many fixed variables in one’s chosen vocation….the two we can best impact are how we use time, and the time we invest in ourselves. LiquidSMARTS℠ helps me successfully optimize every planned or spare moment in my career – and when facing a client.

BillAccount Executive

He's best in front of your sales force - and it's important you put him there! Your team members drive hundreds of miles each month. They don't have the time (or, perhaps, the inclination) to keep up with every change out of Washington.

Brand Optimist

“I use the training you guys did everyday!
I now know what the pain point is for a practice before I ever walk in…it changes by business segment. And I typically only need 5 minutes…because I know what that particular business segment struggles with. I’m already prepared to immediately grab their attention when I walk in.
Works like a charm!!”

Bobby HallSales, Operations, Accounting, & Finance HEALTHCARE PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS

LiquidSMARTS' team has a great mission and approach with learning and growth at the core.

Mike Vacanti Via Twitter

“Love what LiquidSMARTS has done, now having simply packaged their tremendous wealth of knowledge and experiences to share as timely, digestible, and usable selling insight. I predict a banner year ahead as news spreads and businesses realize how LiquidSMARTS can help drive their performance and revenue!”

CEOTyphoon Advertising

I have had over 50 trainers throughout the years, and Gunter has had the best impact. I keep the workbook on my desk

KyleSiemens Healthcare

We had a candidate complete an assessment from LiquidSMARTS.
It showed us that the candidate would not have been a good fit in our team and our business environment.
Emails from the candidate confirmed the assessment and our decision to pass.
You just can’t get this type of insight from a typical interview process.

In Regards to AssessMySMARTS Services

BrianReal-Time Labor Guide

"Dr. Wessels and
his team have a talent
for developing strategies to
overcome today's challenges."

Every moment you secure with your client sets the stage for the next – assuming there is another opportunity. Your time is equally important to your clients.

LiquidSMARTS helps us build strategies to create time while learning how to optimize each selling moment.

- Vice President, Lab Intelligence / Connectivity

Performance Diagnostics & Development

Selling is complicated, and identifying performance deficits and tracking their remediation is difficult. We help our clients identify critical skill deficits and prescribe a pathway to correct them in a simple and efficient manner. You need to know where your gaps are and what to do about them.

Talent Costs and Consequences

Without profiling and targeting, sales talent is expensive and risky to acquire. We help our clients select and develop the right people with the right skills to activate immediate performance.

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