The LiquidSMARTS Methodology

At LiquidSMARTS, we believe in fluidity’s power in life and business.

Our unique neuropsychological-based approach aims to help your team overcome any obstacles that may arise through evolvement, movement, and transformation.

Our methodology is tailored to individuals, addressing their needs and helping them reach their goals.

LiquidSMARTS Microlearnings

Meet Your Team's Unfair Advantage

LiquidSMARTS Microlearnings are powerhouse training solutions designed to deliver impactful knowledge in bite-sized portions.

With an average duration of 3 to 5 minutes per video, these microlearnings are crafted for seamless viewing on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that you can access them at your convenience - whether you're at home, in transit, or preparing to engage with a customer.

LiquidSMARTS microlearnings

The Core Principles


At LiquidSMARTS, we put you at the forefront of everything we do. Everyone has unique strengths, struggles, and goals, and we tailor our methodology accordingly.

By addressing the specific needs of each team member, we help create a collective growth mindset focused on achieving positive outcomes.

We emphasize the importance of the individual and the team, ensuring everyone feels supported and valued.

By putting humanity at the heart of our methodology, we create a culture of dignity, trust, respect, and collaboration that leads to transformative outcomes. We believe that growing and evolving is only meaningful if we make a better world for ourselves and others.

Let us help your business unlock its full potential while staying true to its values and nurturing its most valuable asset- its people.


At LiquidSMARTS, our innovative curriculum as a service is designed to catalyze the next-generation transformation of your team.

We don’t just offer one-size-fits-all training programs. Instead, we cater to individual learning needs while fostering collective growth.

Our unique methodology helps your team align their mindset with your business goals while enhancing their knowledge base.

We empower your team and provide them with bulletproof tools, giving them the wisdom and skills to achieve unprecedented success.

With LiquidSMARTS, you’ll have a more confident, engaged, and competent team equipped to overcome challenges and promote productivity.


At LiquidSMARTS, we approach every obstacle with assertiveness and a growth mindset.

Our team possesses the skills and expertise necessary to help businesses overcome their challenges, and we know how to deliver unprecedented success.

We understand that growth can be challenging, but our approach ensures we focus on the right areas to help businesses achieve their goals. We relentlessly pursue excellence as a team and constantly push ourselves to new heights.

We are ready to bring your team the resilience necessary to overcome anything, embrace obstacles, and thrive in changing environments.


At LiquidSMARTS, we firmly believe movement is vital to success in life and business.

Change can be daunting, but we help teams overcome obstacles and reach their full potential by embracing fluidity.

Our unique neuropsychological-based approach centers around challenging the status quo and pushing individuals to push beyond their limits.

Our tailored methodology addresses the specific needs of each team member, allowing them to achieve unprecedented results. 

Empowering individuals creates a collective growth mindset that leads to extraordinary outcomes.

Hear It From Our Clients

“I found the LiquidSMARTS training to be the most meaningful professional training in my tenure as a Sales Leader.

Their dynamic approach enabled me to identify and overcome self-imposed barriers that had held me back from being an even better Leader, Mentor, and Coach.

I highly recommend this Training for Sales Leaders!”

Wendy Barber
Director, Federal Accounts
Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Gunter is an absolute pro at what he does and how he delivers knowledge. Smart, humorous, and engaging, he was able to provide enormous value to my listeners while simultaneously being 100% authentic and highly entertaining. Having him on the Health Innovators Show was a delight for everyone involved! If he builds relationships and value with his customers half as effectively as he did with my team during our interview, nothing will stop his company from soaring into the stratosphere. I predict we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Gunter and LiquidSMARTS in the years to come!”

Dr. Roxie Mooney
Healthcare Commercialization Strategist

“ANAE is proud to partner with LiquidSMARTS on many content projects. Time and again LiquidSMARTS proves to have a great depth of Industry expertise, from the ground up, in commercial roles. Equally impressive is their ability to provide fresh and relevant content – framing proven best practices within the current context in today’s hectic and dynamic world. LiquidSMARTS seems to have an unending ability to infuse all their projects with elements of psychology toward the craft of influence ensuring success for our joint client’s time and again. Last but not least, they are also really fun to work with; very engaging, sharp, down to earth and relatable!”

John I. Pritchard
President & CEO
Share Moving Media

“This is the most impactful training I or my group has had in 5 years. The training was tailored to our gaps and needs. One thing that stuck out to me was the story about the budget bowl and the lab manager. Gunter is a great sounding board.”

Mike Kreitzinger
Sr. Director, AMR Clinical Strategy And Partnerships

“In a short period of time, LiquidSMARTS has helped the marketing team at Grifols prioritize the customer, their pain points, and the value of our solutions over product features and benefits. We have been energized by fresh ideas, new tools, and a shift in mindset to further our customer-centric culture.”

Stuart Eberstein
Head Of Customer Marketing

“LiquidSMARTS and Dr. Wessels are my go-to partners for healthcare, higher education and customer engagement strategies. The team is great to work with, supports our mission and contributes to the development of our sales organization.”

Anna Voldman
Head Of Marketing Communications, Smart Infrastructure RSS And BP, Region Americas

“Gunter was able to quickly determine the value of our offering and to provide the strategy and sales tools necessary to realize our value. He approached all aspects of his work with scientific rigor and linked theory to practice with field-based sales collaboration.”

Ian Hill
Business Development Manager
Noscendo GMBH

“I’ve had training from Gunter for over 20 years at GE, Toshiba, Siemens, etc., and always found the material engaging and worthy of honing my craft.”

Bob Thayer
Seasoned Diagnostic Imaging Veteran, Owner
BT Imaging Solutions, LLC