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Global Healthcare Synergy joins NCI consulting and LiquidSMARTS to extend the TRACTUS service into channel and distribution optimization

Expanded offering announcement for Tractus℠ contract capture, administration, outsourcing, and revenue acceleration service.

Suppliers to the healthcare industry are adapting to increasing competitive pressure, and the need to innovate in commercial operations. Securing, managing, and maximizing corporate contracts is an area of focus for performance improvement and cost cutting today. An important part of delivering on Integrated Delivery Network or corporate account contracts is utilizing channel partners. Partnering with the right distribution partner is essential to ensuring the performance of a national contract.

“Using the right channel partner strategy is a difference-maker in this market. Healthcare is complicated and many suppliers are not aligned with their channel partners, nor are they optimizing the relationship to maximize market penetration. In the end, everyone suffers from this problem; suppliers, distributors, and most importantly the healthcare providers that rely on all of us to work together,” said Steve Papas, Founder and CEO of Global Healthcare Synergy.

“It takes a lot of experience at various levels of the industry to be able to think through the problem systematically and come up with the right approach. We are unique to have that experience in this partnership,” said Jim Dausch, Founder and Principal of NCI Consulting Group.

“The problem is a breakdown in communication, coordination, and consumption of market, product, and customer information. That’s an education issue. We have been very successful in aiding distributor organizations in assimilating product information, and put it to work in their daily sales efforts,” said Gunter Wessels, Founder and Practice General Manager of LiquidSMARTS. “Power a national contract with the needed educational focus with data and insights, and the manufacturer, their corporate accounts team, their sales team, and their distributor cohort pull together, and drive business in the same direction. There are few examples of this kind of alignment, and we have been there to enable them” added Wessels.

The Tractus service now allows clients to gain, retain and optimize their approach to the entire market. “GPO contracts do not create transactions out of thin air. We help our clients get the national contract, and also engage large networks with a very sharp and focused value proposition. That proposition needs to be carried by the rest of the organization too, not just the corporate accounts team, whether or not we handle that for the company or not. The IDN wants its entire network to benefit from a contract, so the accounts covered by distribution are a big
part of the puzzle. I’m so pleased that we have the expertise and tools to help our clients cover the whole spectrum,” said Dausch.

“Steve and his team have a great mix of international and U.S. experience. He has also worked with the biggest GPOs to help them develop the physician and non-acute side of their contract participation. That’s a unique mix; GPOs, non-acute, national and regional distribution, and international reach, which directly supports some of our global projects. We know that the insights he brings will help power the distributor analytics, and training programs we roll out through Tractus,” said Jennifer Bravo, CEO of LiquidSMARTS.

“We have a unique package here and it’s very exciting, Jim and Gunter have what we look for in a partner; experience, expertise, a dynamic culture, shared goals and values. For us it comes down to making a difference for the patient at the end of the day. We do that by optimizing the structure that supports the providers as they deliver care,” said Papas.

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With 28 years in the business and more than 120 supplier clients ranging from start-ups to global-wide corporations, NCI provides revenue-generating and cost optimization insights, connections and sales channels to enhance supplier clients’ business development in the healthcare industry. For more information about NCI Consulting Group, LLC, visit the company’s website at

ABOUT Global Healthcare Synergy, LLC (GHS)
GHS is a healthcare consulting agency, with over 20 years experience, specializing in product commercialization, supply chain optimization, channel partner development, and GPO contracting. GHS has a large network of distribution and GPO partnerships to align with our client’s culture and product commercialization objectives in both the acute and alternate care markets.

Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels founded LiquidSMARTS℠. He is passionate and dedicated to the improvement of human performance and ethical business practices in sales and marketing. Dr. Wessels leads a global practice that delivers strategic consulting and next-generation personnel development services to individuals and global corporations alike. His expertise comes from more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, including 14 years as a consultant to global and local marketing and sales teams. Dr. Wessels has a Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Arizona, an M.B.A. from the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, and a B.S. in Biology from the University of California.

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