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Gunter Wessels: Dr. Wessels here with “A Minute Here For Your Sales Development”. It’s the lazy days of summer. And it is so inviting to put down that work and jump in the pool. And I actually wanna recommend you do a little bit a that. Make sure you have some balance in your life. Absorb some sunlight. It actually improves your ability to function, think and execute well. But the second and more important thing is, when you have difficulty sleeping during this season, which actually happens quite a lot. Take those extra hours of potential fatigue and learn something. Take a course, read a book, read a magazine, understand your industry better.


Do some self-investment. Instead of staring at the TV, you will fall asleep faster. Do that you’ll be more productive, more effective and you’ll turn this summer into a launch pad for a really great fall. We really want that because the only thing we can’t make more of is time. So sell well.



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Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels founded LiquidSMARTS℠. He is passionate and dedicated to the improvement of human performance and ethical business practices in sales and marketing. Dr. Wessels leads a global practice that delivers strategic consulting and next-generation personnel development services to individuals and global corporations alike. His expertise comes from more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, including 14 years as a consultant to global and local marketing and sales teams. Dr. Wessels has a Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Arizona, an M.B.A. from the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, and a B.S. in Biology from the University of California.

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