When is your best time for learning?  Is it in the heat of the battle when you and your manager are working to land the same client?  Is it after you lost a sale and you are feeling defeated? Is it when you can find a few minutes during your busy workday?  Is it during the evening when you want to be maximizing your family time?

Everyone has their own ideal learning time and method. People typically learn best when they can focus on one thing at a time: not multitasking, not feeling conflicted or distracted by other priorities like closing a deal or spending cherished time playing with your children.

Learning is different based on your stage in life. Education unfolds differently for adult learners. Educational scientist Malcolm Knowles studied how adults learn best. He found what amounts to a law of learning: “Adult learners best learn when they find they need new knowledge or skills to achieve out motivational goals.” How often have you experienced a training program that presented the right information in the right way to you as an adult learner?

What, Where & When It’s Needed

You want information you need to succeed available when you need it. What about a day where you were tied in a knot by a materials manager who threw an objection to your price because you presented it too early? What about a time when you started asking questions that made no sense to you or the customer because you were under stress?  Would it help to have a portable and repeatable just-in-time, at-will training tool to help you never make that mistake again?

Are you skeptical because your training has primarily been PowerPoint slides or remote web training at 8:00 am that didn’t address your situation? Did you need two cups of coffee to avoid it putting you to sleep? Was it worth your time? Did it address what you most needed in your career at that time?

Adults Learn Differently

Adults benefit from targeted learning because they need to have the time to self-reflect and internalize the lesson. Your unique experiences inform how you process information and incorporate it into your daily life. Learning tailored to you increases learning because it speaks to your life experiences.

What if you had an assessment tool that could identify your areas of strength and weaknesses that would be used to tailor your training so it would benefit you?  First-class assessments provide insight into why you do what you do, how you do what you do, and what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. These assessments can provide you with insight and provide us with information to create a targeted curriculum specifically for you.


Learn in YOUR environment.  Share your comments below.

Remember, the only thing we can’t make more of is time, so SELL WELL!

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Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels founded LiquidSMARTS℠. He is passionate and dedicated to the improvement of human performance and ethical business practices in sales and marketing. Dr. Wessels leads a global practice that delivers strategic consulting and next-generation personnel development services to individuals and global corporations alike. His expertise comes from more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, including 14 years as a consultant to global and local marketing and sales teams. Dr. Wessels has a Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Arizona, an M.B.A. from the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, and a B.S. in Biology from the University of California.

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