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Did You Survive? Was It Worth Your Time?

By March 13, 2018 No Comments

Sales Training – Evolving Today’s Learning Styles

Guest Blogger: Nancy Richardson, President – VOC Company, LLC

By March, most of you have finished your 2018 kick-offs—still groaning as you re-engage with your clients, and as your managers drive you to meet Q1 outlook/plan goals, right?!

All the while, many of you are scratching your heads, wondering, “What did I just learn? What can I use now?”

Yet companies continue this ritual—preparing for, spending on and attending sales kickoffs and blocked training sessions. Months of preparation and thousands—often millions—of dollars are spent annually. Many of you spend a solid week out of your markets, made to SIT and LISTEN for long days on end.

Wasted Time

Traditional thinking is to combine all the training into these buckets so as not to otherwise “distract” sales teams. What are the consequences? Fast IN, Fast OUT generic team knowledge. Only bits “sticking” per individual, based on their interest or relevance, and often little follow-up or reinforcement. Back to the job…

That’s a ton of money and time spent on minimal knowledge stickiness, versus being able to relevantly address a blend of individual and team needs now and continually.

What is Your Return on (Sales) Investment?

Sales teams are under the gun, daily. They’re in a role that requires constant justification and proof of value – Sales ROI or ROSI℠. Companies invest in MARCOM development, travel, selling expenses, training and management salaries—all to support selling/sales, and ALL measurable.

EVERYONE has their eyes on your pipeline, your closing rate, and your contract sizes.

How sales professionals and teams perform is as critical as how they spend their time.  Training is often perceived as the necessary evil, taking time out of the field. I believe gathering teams together is important IF the time is used effectively (team-building, level-setting on the business, etc.).

Learning While Performing is Better!

Performance improvement training, however, is very personal and should be a constant effort to be effective. Fellow colleagues of mine continually search for “smart” learning for our company clients’ sales teams. Smart learning is all about streaming employee performance-relevant information while enabling them to continue their business focus; continuous improvement versus quarterly/annual learning “dumps” of information.

Today’s businesses become and stay competitive by consistently being innovative, efficient and creative—needing the right resources to do so. Timely, relevant insight is key—quickly, digestible and continually—just to stay IN the game, and while reaching for market leadership.

The reality is that your clients stay loyal to you by providing the same value to them and their business.

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