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Personal, Powerful & Proven – Sales Success from LiquidSMARTS℠

Some of you already know LiquidSMARTS℠. You’ve learned from its discoveries, adopted new directions and achieved success. We’ve had the great fortune to witness you reach and exceed your sales performance improvement goals and meet targets you thought were unattainable, while we received the gift of quiet satisfaction in having helped.

Then you asked for more, challenging us to: Streamline learning with a simple & efficient process, to save time. Done! Make learning streams accessible whenever and wherever you may be, to save you more time. Done! Finally, enable an expanded outreach certifying others, to save you even more time. DONE!

In LiquidSMARTS℠, you have a professional training and coaching organization that focuses on people in need of sales performance improvement and skill-oriented learning — individuals, and businesses small and large — to increase sales volume, in any industry: CustomSMARTS℠.

We’ve taken a new approach using people data analytics to strategically design training and coaching programs for sales and marketing professionals. The approach is designed to correct performance deficiencies, and increase productivity and revenue in any industry.

We streamlined our delivery of content with OnTheGoSMARTS℠, a micro-learning platform for “on-the-go” learners. Skills can be developed effectively in a self-paced environment, while coaching and skill development is reinforced with the use of our micro-learning video lessons. You wanted information, and you wanted it fast.

We look forward to an introductory chat – so reach out and Ask Us!

Remember: The only thing that we can’t make more of is time… so Sell Well!



About LiquidSMARTS℠

Clients depend on LiquidSMARTS’ expertise to assess their teams, identify human potential, and coordinate resources to maximize their commercial success. Custom-designed training and coaching programs based on client needs are coherently implemented, including training, coaching, support document and eLearning focused on quickly correcting performance deficiencies and reinforce lessons learned. LiquidSMARTS℠ has taken the time to focus on skill-oriented learning topics that are necessary to increase organizations’ sales volume. LiquidSMARTS℠ also has a generalized sales approach, DealSMARTS℠, that can be used in any company that utilizes sales and marketing to increase revenue.

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– LiquidSMARTS℠ subscription includes:
– A Personalized Skills Assessment
– One-on-One coaching sessions
– 24/7 365 access to our training library (1 yr)

Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels

Dr. Gunter Wessels founded LiquidSMARTS℠. He is passionate and dedicated to the improvement of human performance and ethical business practices in sales and marketing. Dr. Wessels leads a global practice that delivers strategic consulting and next-generation personnel development services to individuals and global corporations alike. His expertise comes from more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, including 14 years as a consultant to global and local marketing and sales teams. Dr. Wessels has a Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Arizona, an M.B.A. from the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, and a B.S. in Biology from the University of California.

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